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Silver TC reflective fabric

Short Description:

Product Silver TC reflective fabric
Series number AS9500
Color Silver
Size 1.4m x 100m/roll or cut in accordance with clients requirements
Certificate En ISO20471, OEKO-TEX100 class I

Product Detail

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Product Application

Reflective fabrics are widely used. Besides being favored by designers in functional clothing, they are also applied in many clothes, such as jacket、protective clothing/、outdoor clothing、casual clothing、work clothes、uniform, etc. Strong reflection of the reflective strip has a sense of visual impact, reveal personality.

Product Features

1. Reflective fabric is an optical principle that glass beads are applied to the cloth, and light is refracted and reflected in the glass beads and then returned. Even if the reflected light mostly returns to the direction of the light source in the direction of the incoming light.

2. It has a solid fabric base. After being sewn on other fabrics and substrates, it plays a very obvious role in improving the visibility of the wearer at night or in the environment with poor vision.

3. Helps enhance the visibility of the wearer in nighttime or low-light conditions when illuminated by a light source, such as headlights, by returning the light back toward the original source and reaching the automobile driver's eye. Effectively guarantee the visibility and safety of articles under poor light source or emergency.

AH8500: Gray color polyester reflective fabric.

AS8500: Silver color polyester reflective fabric.

AC504: Rainbow color polyester reflective fabric.

Product Display

Customizable Polyester Reflective Fabric Tape For Clothing (1)
Customizable Polyester Reflective Fabric Tape For Clothing (2)

For Regular Stock Fabric Order

1. Tell us your product quantity, color and lead time.

2. We send you the quotation.

3. Confirm order.

4. Transportation by express, air, sea, etc.

For Customized Your Own Fabric Order

1. Tell us your fabric specifications, requirements and quantity.

2. We send you quotation and samples.(free sample for you).

3. You can confirm the samples, price.

4. Confirm order, start production.

5. Transportation by express, air, sea, etc.

Company Introduction

The company's products have passed the ASTMD4956 standard testing in the United States, the DOT testing in the United States, the European EN12899 certification, and the China 3C certification, and have fully passed the testing of the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Public Security and other relevant authorities. Products have been sold to more than 30 countries around the world. At present, the company's main products are: various types of reflective fabrics, luminous lettering films, reflective flame-retardant fabrics, national standard five types of reflective films, national standard four types of reflective films (super-strength), national standard three types of reflective films (high-strength), microprism super Engineering-grade reflective film, engineering-grade reflective film, reflective film in construction area, advertising-grade reflective film, electro-engraved film, luminous film, and reflective signs for all levels of bodywork.

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