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Custom Night Luminous Film Photoluminescent Glow in The Dark

Short Description:

Model AD1000 series
Color White, yellow, red, green, blue, orange, brown, fluorescent yellow-green, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange
Durability 10 years
Glue Permanent Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Color fastness Excellent
Watermark Support watermark, screen printing
Size 1.22m*45.72m/roll

Product Detail

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Tape Characteristics

1. It absorbs light at the bright place and emits light at the dark place. The bright part absorbs all kinds of visible light such as sunlight, light and ambient stray light, and the dark part can automatically continuously emit light, giving people more information and instructions in the dark.

2. No power is required.

3. The excitation condition is low, and sunlight, ordinary illumination and ambient stray light can be used as the excitation light source.

4. High luminous brightness and long luminous time, far exceeding the requirements of fire evacuation.

5. Simple installation and convenient maintenance. It can be flexibly installed according to the actual needs of public places. Signs can be installed at different parts of the ground, ladder surface and shed top.

6. It can be reused indefinitely with a safety factor of 100%.

7. It has good aging resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, and has certain flame retardancy and scratch resistance.

8. Custom: can be cut, customized, processed and die-cut according to customer specifications.

Product Display

Custom Night Luminous Film2
Custom Night Luminous Film3
Custom Night Luminous Film1

Precautions for Use

1. The construction shall be carried out on the flat surface and the construction temperature shall be 10 ~ 40 centigrade.

2. The light-emitting film can be cut into various shapes and directly pasted somewhere (such as telephone, switch, etc.) for decoration and indication.

3. The surface of the light-emitting film is screen printed with patterns and characters to form the light-emitting backing.

4. When sticking to the surface of the object, the surface of the object shall be cleaned first, and the surface shall be free of oil, dust, etc.

5. The luminescent film has certain thermal expansion and cold shrinkage. The sliced luminescent film cannot be placed at will. It should be clamped or pressed by heavy objects to prevent deformation and curling.

6. When using, remove the release paper on the back of the light-emitting film, apply a certain pressure to the light-emitting film and stick it to the surface of the treated object, and pay attention to the good bonding at the edges and corners.

7. The same type of luminescent film will have certain color difference in order to ensure the luminescent brightness.

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