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Aramid fiber base fire retardant reflective tape

Short Description:

Product cotton base fire retardant reflective tape
Size 5cm x 100m
water washing 50 times
Reflectivity ≥ 380cd/lx.m2
Series number AS6520 for silver
AS6523 for fluorescent yellow-green
AS6524 for fluorescent orange
Certificate EN ISO20471

Product Detail

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Product Introduction

Flame retardant reflective cloth, including flame retardant cloth base layer, is characterized in that the adhesive layer, aluminum reflective layer and high refractive index glass bead layer are covered on the flame retardant cloth base layer from top to bottom. Among them, some spheres of each glass bead are embedded in the aluminum reflective layer. It can be sewn, suitable for fire fighting and rescue clothing.

1. Classification: Classification by color:bright silver, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange; According to cloth base: aramid and cotton.
2. Usage: Sew onto fabric or cloth base.
3. Specification: Current standing specification: 5cm * 100M / roll.
4. Applicable to: Garment factory, garment factory and garment accessories company.

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Product Use

The reflective flame retardant cloth has the protective effects of fire prevention, flame retardancy, high temperature resistance and safety warning. It is widely used in the professional operation fields with high requirements such as traffic, fire protection and electrician, as well as the safety protection products with higher requirements for the high temperature resistance and dry cleaning performance of the cloth base.

The base fabric of the reflective flame-retardant fabric is made of pure cotton or aramid, which is not easy to spread. After special coating processing, it has special flame-retardant performance. This material, which can not only play the role of reflective warning but also be safe and flame retardant, has undoubtedly become the preferred choice of fire safety products. The application of flame retardant reflective cloth can be seen in fire safety clothing, shoes, hats and accessories.

Company Introduction

Anhui Alsafety Reflective Material Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of reflective materials at all levels. It has a complete and scientific quality management system and an internationally advanced production line. The company's management has fully introduced the ISO9001: 2000 quality assurance system, and at the same time implements the 5S management model. The company's products have passed the ASTMD4956 standard testing in the United States, the DOT testing in the United States, the European EN12899 certification, and the China 3C certification, and have fully passed the testing of the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Public Security and other relevant authorities. Products have been sold to more than 30 countries around the world.

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