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Four Characteristics of Heat Transfer Reflective Vinyl

Thermal transfer is divided into transfer film and thermal transfer heat transfer. The transfer film printing adopts a coating process, and the pattern is pre-printed on the surface of the film. The printing color is bright and the color difference is small. Thermal transfer processing is worth the heat transfer printing process. Only by understanding thermal transfer can we better understand thermal transfer reflective lettering film.

Four Characteristics Of Heat1

1. Rich colors
Reflective lettering film is divided into reflective transparent, reflective yellow, colorful reflective black, reflective pink, colorful reflective black, reflective silver, three-dimensional reflective yellow, three-dimensional reflective silver, three-dimensional colorful reflective black.

2. No need to make orders, easy to engrave
Burberry's reflective lettering film is independently developed and produced, and the products are sold all over the world, which has a lot to do with the excellent quality of the film itself. Can engrave large pictures or small characters.

3. Easy to discharge
The lettering film not only requires good engraving, but also good waste discharge is also critical. Time is saved, labor wages are reduced, and to some extent, costs are saved.

4. Very hot
Good hot related to: substrates, hot stamping equipment. There are many types of heat press machines, ranging in price from several hundred to four or five thousand. There are also various types of direct pressure, shaking head, hydraulic pressure, etc. It is necessary to understand the relevant principles of the machine.

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Post time: Jun-03-2019