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Be Visible & Safe with Brilliant Reflective Stick-On Strips – Alsafety’s Material Up To 500 Feet!

Alsafety Reflective Material Co., Ltd. is proud to announce the launch of its new product, Brilliant Reflective Stick-On Reflective Strips Blue. This highly durable and waterproof reflective material has been designed with 3M Scotchlite technology to be visible from up to 500 feet away, making it perfect for cyclists, runners or anyone looking for greater visibility in low light conditions.

This revolutionary product is made from a unique combination of materials that are both flexible and removable if needed – allowing users to easily add extra protection when out on the roads or trails during dusk and dawn times when visibility can be significantly lower than usual. The strips come in bright vibrant colors that stand out in any light condition, ensuring you will always remain safe and visible even from afar.

“We understand how important safety is for those travelling at night or early morning hours,” said John Smith, CEO of Alsafety Reflective Material Co., Ltd.. “That’s why we’ve developed this innovative reflective strip solution which provides an added layer of security without compromising on style.”

Not only does Brilliant Reflective offer superior protection but it also looks great too – whether you’re wearing running gear or cycling apparel there’s sure to be a color option available that suits your individual look perfectly! It’s easy to apply using just household items like scissors and tweezers so no special tools are required – simply peel off the backing paper then stick onto your clothing item according to instructions provided.

Whether you’re taking part in outdoor activities as a hobbyist or professionally; as long as reflectivity is important then Brilliant Reflectives could be invaluable addition – giving you peace of mind knowing that you’ll always stay seen at all times!

Post time: Mar-01-2023